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thredUP is the world’s largest online consignment store, a massive web app with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. Split gives them the power to target customized deals directly to portions of their audience, test new features with internal teammates, and make changes on the fly when there is a problem.

Main Street Hub connects local business owners with their customers and community, providing social media and marketing services that let busy proprietors focus on what they know best—their business. Adopting Split allowed them to embrace a controlled rollout process, targeting new features to test groups of users before rolling them out to everyone, and gathering valuable usage data that’s changing the decision-making culture at one of Austin’s fastest-growing companies.

Every team – from product and engineering to design and support – leverages Split to confidently create a great experience for our users.

Eric Crane, Product Manager, Envoy

Split’s full-stack experimentation platform has been built with engineering and product teams in mind. It’s robust architecture and rich feature set integrates into our internal platforms and helps power experimentation across our entire engineering organization.

Laura Schaffer, Product Manager, Twilio

Split provided the platform and integrations we needed to run full stack experiments for key technical and customer experience questions.

Julian Ganguli, Principal Data Analyst, Surfline

What’s interesting is that we’re actually able to move faster with Split. In the past, there were a lot of questions like ‘if something goes wrong how will we roll it back?’ Now we just put it behind Split, and then we have the flexibility to make changes on-the-fly once it’s in production.

Dan DeMeyere, VP Engineering, thredUP

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