Feature flags that fit your workflow

Split is designed by developers, for developers.

Easily adapt Split to your team’s workflow, making it easy to set up a flag, react to changes, and manage its entire lifecycle.

Feature flag workflow
Feature flag audit log with feature created, rolled out to QA, rolled out to 5% of users, and killed.

Easily create flags in your dev environment

Split is implemented using SDKs in more than a dozen popular languages. Each SDK includes a localhost mode to ease local development.

Whenever you’re coding a new feature, simply wrap it in a getTreatment method that acts as a feature flag or experiment. Then control exposure to this code from Split.

Stay on top of changes with approval flows

Feature flags make changes to your production code. Split gives you the tools to manage those changes.

Approval flows are an intuitive way to get a second set of eyes on any change. Comment, see diffs, and set ownership. Easily meet compliance requirements.

Feature flag approval flow
A feature flag with a change to user targeting requires an approval.

Track feature flag statuses in any app

As you create and edit feature flags, Split records a comprehensive audit log. View and search the audit log within Split or interact in the tool of your choice.

Integrate with Slack so the team that owns a feature flag can see any change to a rollout.

Integrate with Jira to enrich your tickets with the current status of a feature.

View the impact of code changes and new features in your favorite APM or SIEM tool. Split integrates natively with AppDynamics, Datadog, NewRelic, and SumoLogic.

Or use Webhooks to pipe audit logs to any system.

Explore Integrations
Feature flag integrations
Integrations with Datadog, New Relic, Jira, Slack, Sumo Logic, and AppDynamics.

Manage feature flags at scale

From code insertion to testing to rollout to removal, learn how leading engineering teams manage feature flags across their lifecycle.

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Managing Feature Flags by O'Reilly
A cover of the Managing Feature Flags eBook.

Gracefully manage features with faults

Troubleshoot issues with your features quickly. Split provides a consolidated view for all the features exposed to a given user or account.

Should you need to turn off a feature, that’s easy too. Simply click kill and it will be disabled for all users, no rollbacks or hotfixes required.

Release alert warning
An alert caused by a feature with degrading metrics in the past 5 minutes.

Create a feature flag standard across your org

Swedbank manages feature flags across 40 backend, frontend, and mobile teams with Split.

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Easily manage feature flags from code to customer

With developer-friendly SDKs, approval flows, workflow integrations, and a simple kill switch, Split scales to any development environment.