Build better software with data

Split combines feature flags and data. Deploy often, release without fear, and experiment to maximize impact.

Software experimentation results
Results of a software experiment with three variations and the impact on revenue per user.
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Deliver the features that matter, faster

Develop faster

Feature flags free you to deploy when you want, roll out when ready, and dynamically adjust in production

Release safely

Combine feature flags with ops data to detect release issues, identify the feature, and kill it instantly

Release alert notification
An alert notification caused by a feature rollout and a kill switch to turn off the feature.

Maximize impact

Turn ideas into successful features based on measurable impact from statistically rigorous A/B tests

Positive experiment result
Metric impact card that shows bookings per user increasing by 11.31%
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More than just integrations,
a data hub for your features

Ingest events from customer data, performance monitoring, and error tracking systems to power alerts and experiments
Send feature status updates to chat, APM, ticket tracking, and logging systems to enrich communication
Feature flag data integrations Feature flag data integrations
Import data from Google Analytics, mParticle, Segment, Sentry. Export data to Datadog, Jira, New Relic, Sumo Logic.
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Built for the most demanding production environments

Feature Delivery Platform
A diagram of Split's Feature Delivery Platform with SDKs that serve feature flags, data pipelines that power analytics, and a cloud console and API to manage it all.

Data privacy: Customer attributes never leave the SDK and aren’t sent over the internet

Top performance: Changes stream via CDN to SDKs in milliseconds

Highly resilient: Our platform spans multiple data centers and SDKs maintain local caches

Enterprise scale: We ingest and calculate billions of events per day

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We speak your language

With a dozen SDKs you can support your frontend, backend, and mobile apps

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